This page is an official policy on the Annie Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

So this is the rules you need to follow in order for you to edit this wiki. If you don't comply you'll get warnings and 3 warnings will be equal to a ban. You'll get a lot of bans until banned permanently. So please follow the rules.


  • No bullying other users.

Other users are here for the same reasons as you. Also don't forget that you're still talking to real people.

  • No inappropriate or explicit content.

Kids are also using this wiki to search information on their favorite movie/musical. Not to watch/see inappropriate pictures/videos.

  • No gibberish allowed.

Gibberish is not maintained on this wiki. Nobody understands gibberish if you replace content with gibberish ones. You'll get a ban.

  • No badge gaming/putting edits that are not important.

The badges on this wiki, is only for fun. Putting edits that are not important is like, writing an article that's completely useless.

  • Being an admin is a meant to be.

Don't ask us to be an admin. We're deciding if your going to be admin. The more you ask us. The more you're not going to be an admin.

  • No cyber vandalism.

This wiki is for searching up information on any Annie character vandalism will not be tolerated.Cyber vandals are not supposed to be here.

  • Plagarism is alright as long as you put a source

It's fine to plagiarize as long as you put a source.

Meet the team

So if you have any questions,problems or reports to make please contact the following.

  • User:Sam601
  • User:Lps6391 So this is Sam601's 2nd account. In case she's not active on Sam601 please contact her on this account.

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