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Warning! This article contains spoilers.

Punjab as he appears in the 1982 film.


Punjab is a supporting character in the 1982 film "Annie" and its 1995 sequel Annie: A Royal Adventure!. Originally, he was from the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie", but he never appeared in the original musical or its 1999 adaption. He and the Asp are Oliver Warbucks' bodyguards. Punjab is played by Geoffrey Holder in the 1982 film, and Antony Zaki in its sequel.

Information Edit

Punjab is of supposedly Indian origin. He sports a white costume with a red and orange cummerbund and a white turban on his head. He is also skilled at illusions such as levitation and when Annie and Sandy arrive, he calms Sandy down by waving his hands around.

When Annie gets kidnapped by Rooster and Lilly, he takes to the skies in Oliver's personal helicopter called the "auto-copter" to search over the town for the car. He later spots Annie and Rooster hanging from the top of the B & O Bridge and takes off his turban which he ties to the railings of the copter and hangs onto in order to save Annie. He then accidentally kicks a stunned Rooster down the bridge and is then landed safely on the ground with Annie in his arms. He hands Annie to Warbucks and gets a hug from Grace.

At the end of the film he supposedly develops feelings for Miss Hannigan when he takes her hand while she is riding an elephant during Warbucks' party.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to have a violent side to him as he knocks out a radio worker with one hit to the head during a radio broadcast.
  • He speaks in a southern Indian accent.
  • His actor from the 1982 film, Geoffrey Holder, passed away in 2014.

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