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Molly is a supporting character in the musical and the simply-titled 1982 and 1999 films, and a major character in "Annie: A Royal Adventure!". She is the youngest of the orphans (aged 6) and enjoys being comforted by Annie after every nightmare she has. She is also a victim of Pepper's bullying. In the 1995 sequel to the 1982 film, Molly is 8 (an unfortunate thing because Hannah says 9 is too old, and when one is too old, adoption is hard), as it takes place two years after the first. Molly has intentions of having a family, which Annie thinks should be a special one. Later, she is adopted by a British family in England.

Molly is played by Toni Ann Gisondi in the 1982 film, Camilla Belle in its sequel, and Sarah Hyland in the 1999 film.

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