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Miss Hannigan
Miss Hannigan
Vital statistics
Title -
Fullname Agatha Hannigan

Colleen Hannigan (2014 film)

Gender Female
Age 30s-40s
Occupation Caretaker of the Orphanage
Relatives Rooster Hannigan (brother)
Status Alive
Portrayers Dorothy Loudon
Carol Burnett (1982 film)
Carol Cleveland (1995 film)
Kathy Bates (1999 film)

Cameron Diaz (2014 film)

Miss Hannigan is the main antagonist of the Broadway musical, and the films (except that later, she becomes a minor character in Annie: A Royal Adventure!). 


Her first name is Agatha. She is depicted as a very cruel, self-absorbed woman. She despises children (of course, in the 1982 film, she has a heart, as shown when she reforms and tries to save Annie from her brother Rooster Hannigan, who intends to kill her). She is very intimidating towards the orphans, often making threats to them if they don't do what she demands. She is very romantic, and seems to like drugs. Her brother has a girlfriend named Lily St. Regis.She is so drunk that she kisses a radio. Edit

Portrayers of the characterEdit

She is first portrayed by the late Dorothy Loudon on Broadway, Carol Burnett in the 1982 Columbia film, Carol Cleveland in its 1995 (1996 internationally) sequel Annie: A Royal Adventure! (with her voice dubbed by the late Mary Kay Bergman), Kathy Bates in the 1999 Disney telefilm and by Cameron Diaz in the 2014 Film. In some stage performances in the 2010s, she was played by Andrea McArdle, who had first played Annie, and later played the Star-to-Be in the 1999 film. Italic text

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