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Warning! This article contains spoilers.

Miss Hannigan is the main antagonist of the Broadway musical, and the films (except that later, she becomes a minor character in Annie: A Royal Adventure!). 

Personality Edit

Her personality varies depending on the version, similar to Annie.

In the original comic strips' she is known as Ms. Agatha. She is an old matron and the head mistress of the orphanage. She is less abusive and cold hearted as the other portrayals and she is not drunk. But she is very stubborn and stern. In the first strip' she denied Annie her one a year treat of Ice Cream for Dinner because she did not fix her bed. 

In the 1982 film, she is depicted as a pompous, lazy, funny, drunk, flirtatious, self-absorbed and obnoxious woman who despises children and will do anything to get rich, played by Carol Burnett. 

In the 1999 film, she is hateful, psychopathic, arrogant and aggressive, and is also an obese woman - played by Kathy Bates as an opposite to Burnett's slender and self-absorbed but more passive and lazy character.

Diaz's portrayal in 2014 is a vain, selfish, self-centered, greedy, drunken, flirtatious, arrogant, nasty, and power-hungry control freak who loves herself but hates the kids. She doesn't realize her actions and selfishly believes she's still a beautiful woman, very similar to Burnett's portrayal, albeit younger and more seductive.

Portrayers of the characterEdit

She is first portrayed by the late Dorothy Loudon on Broadway, Carol Burnett in the 1982 Columbia film, Carol Cleveland in its 1995 (1996 internationally) sequel Annie: A Royal Adventure! (with her voice dubbed by the late Mary Kay Bergman), Kathy Bates in the 1999 Disney telefilm and by Cameron Diaz in the 2014 Film. In some stage performances in the 2010s, she was played by Andrea Mcardle, who had first played Annie, and later played the Star-to-Be in the 1999 film. Italic text

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