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Annie - New Deal for Christmas02:53

Annie - New Deal for Christmas

This song is almost sung by everyone. It's the second to the last song in the musical. This song is also sung when everyone is celebrating Christmas.


I know the Depression's depressing
The carols are stilled
The stored aren't filled
And the windows are minus the dressing
The children don't grin
The Santa's are thin
And I've heard a terrible rumour
No goodwill no cheer
But we'll get a new deal for Christmas
This year
The snowflakes are frighting of falling
And oh, what a fix
No peppermint sticks!
And all through the land folks are bawling
And filled with despair
'Cause cupboards are bare
But Santa's got brand new assistants
There's nothing to fear
They're bringing a new deal deal for Christmas
This year.
Bong, bong, bong, bong
Bong, bong, bong, bong
On Farley and Perkins
On Ikes and Wallace
On Monganthau and Cummings.
Fill our pockets with dollars
On Roper and Swanson
Get along Cordell Hull
Get along, giddy up!
Call your committee up
Build every city up
Cheer every kiddy up
Fill every stocking with laughter
We haven't got room for any more gloom
Let's ring every bell from it's rafter
And chime cross the land
Tomorrow's at hand
[spoken] Those happy days that we were promised.
Are finally here
We're getting a new deal for Christmas
We're getting a new deal for Christmas
We're getting a new deal for Christmas
We're getting a new deal for Christmas
This year

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